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To the millions of people who volunteer for clinical trials each year.

Clinical research participants make our lives better. They help advance knowledge about disease and improve medicine for generations to come. To learn more about clinical research and to show your appreciation, visit CISCRP.org.

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The Woodstock Research Center has brought mental health clinical trials to Northern New England for over 20 years. Studies offer participants unique opportunities to receive cutting edge treatments and be among the first to benefit from recent scientific progress.

Participants can expect the highest quality compassion, care, and attention. Our commitment is to improve the lives of our patients through accurate diagnosis, patient education, and treatment of their disease. Studies are carefully designed to make the health and safety of every participant a top priority. All of the center’s trials are conducted under the supervision of board certified psychiatrists and are subject to FDA monitoring and approval.

All medical care, tests, and medications related to the trial are provided to qualified participants at no cost as well as compensation for travel. We are available to answer all of your questions and make your experience as pleasant as possible. Your participation contributes to the development of new interventions for the treatment of mental illness, potentially benefiting yourself as well as others.

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Current Studies


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